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Your tent or mine? Wherever you’re pitched up, make sure you pack up your festival wardrobe and take it with you. We all know the weather can be unpredictable and you don’t want to be stuck in a field unprepared right? Prep for all weathers with festival essentials such as fringed jackets, cut-off denim shorts, mini dresses and bohemian tops. Life was meant for festivals so let’s kick this summer off with some pure disco sh*t.

'Feelin Myself' Leg Chain

Sold Out €29,99
SAVE €4,99

Flower Chain Bra

€35,00 €49,99
SAVE €14,99

Silver Ankle Bracelet

Sold Out €19,99
SAVE €4,99

'Baby Chain Bodysuit

€40,00 €89,99
SAVE €49,99

'Fantasize Me' Rhinestone Scarf

€80,00 €169,99
SAVE €89,99

Sugar Baby Nighout Top Silver

€45,00 €89,99
SAVE €44,99

'Let's Party' Luxury Choker

€25,00 €39,99
SAVE €14,99

'I Got Clout' Luxury Choker

€25,00 €44,20
SAVE €19,20

Silver Reflective Bra

€25,00 €34,99
SAVE €9,99

Luxury 'Black Diamond' Bikini

€40,00 €49,99
SAVE €9,99

Luxury 'White Diamond' Bikini

€40,00 €49,99
SAVE €9,99