What are body chains?

Body chains are the sassiest accessorizing details for those girls who are tired of the traditional jewellery designs, like rings, bracelets and necklaces, and who are looking for creative ways of making a strong fashion statement in ANY season.

This trend has invaded the American and European fashion world, when fashionistas usually match body chains with crop tops, dresses, bodysuits, thus revealing their beautiful body and, also, getting the outfit to the next level!

How to wear a body chain?

1. Underneath a blazer or a shirt

One great way of wearing body chains is to wear it underneath your smart clothes for a classy, seductive and glam-edgy look. Pick some simple model and wear a body chain under it, this way enhancing the stylish look of the blazer and breaking the monotony. 

body chain

2. Below a high split skirt or dress

If you are proud of your legs why not emphasizing them with a shiny leg chain? Wear it underneath your sassy skirt or dress, for a killer look.

'Feelin Myself' Leg Chain

3. Underneath the crop top

Or, the sight of a body chain underneath a very low cut top when you go out, is a very subtle way to look sexy. 

5. Wear it with your swimsuit

Layer a body chain over your swimsuit. It’s a great way to highlight your curves and to emphasis your swimsuit!

I know body chains are not everyone’s fav, but I’m telling you wearing one once will have you falling for it.

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